Rocket Science Experiment Day 1

Today, we set up our Rocket Science experiment where we will be comparing the growth of two sets of rocket seeds. One packet has been in space for 6 months, the other has stayed on Earth. Loads of schools are taking part in the experiment to find out if living at zero gravity has any affect on growth. We all worked together to set up the experiment. Even Mrs Chisholm came in to help! Thank you.

If you have a hypothesis (prediction) of what will happen with the seeds, please leave us a comment.

We will keep you posted with the development of the experiment regularly on this blog.

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4 Responses to Rocket Science Experiment Day 1

  1. Kaci (p5) says:

    I think the ones that have gone to space are going to grow less because the’ve been floating in space.


  2. Ruairidh (p6) says:

    I think that the one that went to space will grow quicker, and will grow higher than the other one that didnt went to space.


  3. Kian (p6) says:

    My hypothosis is that the seed that have been to space will grow longer because the force of graviy when re-entering the gravitational pull of the earth would have stretched them so they will grow longer!


  4. Mummy says:

    It will be very interesting to see how your plants grow ! Good job kids !


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