Pupil Council Meeting 13 May 2016

At our meeting last week, we discussed the National Improvement Framework (NIF). Mrs Thomson read out and showed us a letter that we received from the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Angela Constance MSP. We talked about what the NIF is using the storyboard then we brainstormed ideas to answer two questions –

What helps you do better at school? Why?

Reading, Handwriting, Pupil Council, Extra help if I need it, Fun Lessons, Math: Counting on, Practicing: Practicing helps to get it stuck in your head so you always know it, Computers: Computers help because they help us to learn Teachers: They explain things to help you, P7: They are our buddies in P1 so they help us when we are lost or confused, Book buddies: it makes us know people better.

What do you think of the National Improvement Framework?

I think it it’s very helpful and it is going to help me,
I Think this is going to help to boost my confidence in maths,
I can ask for help,
Parents can help me at home too,
I think this is a great idea,
I think it will help me feel more independent,
learning faster,
It helps me know that people are trying to help me,
You can find out more about the NIF by clicking here. Please leave comments with your views.
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