Pupil Council 2016-17

Our Pupil Council this year is made up of:

Blair – P7, John P7, Kane P7, Sam P5, Kate P5, Martine P5, Chanelle P5, Chantel P4, Ebony P4, Sonny P4, Declan P3, Megan P3, Jenna P3, Freya P1, Mrs Thomson HT.

At our meeting today, we discussed the role of the Pupil Council, made up a constitution and then discussed creating a new Rights Respecting Behaviour Policy to ensure that we have a clear framework for promoting positive, rights-respecting behaviour and procedures for dealing with negative behaviour. We also want to make sure that everyone within our school community has their rights respected.

At the moment, there are a number of ways that pupils are rewarded for positive behaviour and a number of consequences for negative behaviour. Here is what we noted down –

Rewards –

  • Dojo Points
  • Star of the day/week
  • Assembly certificates
  • House points
  • Golden time
  • Treats/special privileges 

Consequences –

  • Lose break time
  • Lose Golden Time 
  • Finish work during break
  • Move to table alone/work in open area
  • Personal behaviour plan/targets 
  • Phonecall or message home
  • Meeting with Head Teacher

We plan to work together with the rest of the children, teachers and parents to make a clear strategy to make sure our school promotes rights respecting behaviour.

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