Our visit to Inverness Mosque 

Our P3/4/5 class went on a trip to visit the mosque in Inverness today to learn more about Islam and how Muslims worship. 

We were given a very warm welcome and we had an information session with the Imam followed by a question and answer session, where our pupils asked some really thoughtful questions. 

We were then taken to see the prayer room and the Imam explained how Muslims pray towards Mecca 5 times a day. Everyone loved the comfy, spongy carpet in the room! 

After this, we went to the education room and had our names written in Arabic, some children (even the boys!) wanted to try on a head scarf and they got to keep them! Everyone had lovely pizzas for lunch, crisps, fruit salad and juice. 

At 1.30pm it was prayer time, so we were able to watch the prayers taking place. It was a really calm time in the mosque and the children were very respectful by keeping nice and quiet (helped by the fact that they were all still eating!) 

The atmosphere in the mosque was friendly, open and comfortable and the children learned a lot and had great fun too. Thank you very much to Inverness Masjid for your wonderful hospitality. 

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