School Improvement Survey for Parents

Thanks to those parents who completed our online survey on school improvement. The feedback will be used in conjunction with staff and pupil input to shape our school improvement plan for 2017/18.

What makes KPS good?

  • Its a nice building and has a nice playground and well maintained.
  • Good is a mediocre word, I’d opt for Outstanding as it raises the bar! So, I believe Kinlochleven Primary is Outstanding because of the amount of activities and experiences that the children can partake in. The relationship between teachers and students. The feeling of a safe yet open place to grow and learn
  • Leadership! The love and care shown to all pupils. Relationships with everyone.
  • Excellent teachers who make learning fun and interesting and genuinely care for the pupils. Kinlochleven school caters well for all local children, no matter what their needs, despite staff sometimes being stretched to the limit. Efficient canteen with delicious and nutritious food & brilliant staff.
  • The school has good teachers who care about their pupils. They are approachable and open for talks whenever needed.
  • The excellent start in primary. ( thanks Mrs Doogan). Friendly atmosphere. Approachable staff. The encouragement of outdoor play.

What could KPS do better?

  • The feedback on child’s progression from teachers to parents . One parents evening a year I feel isn’t enough. We had two parent sessions this year – one open afternoon/evening in October (unfortunately very poorly attended) and one with appointments in March. As part of our Profiling and Reporting action point for 2017/18, we will be reviewing our procedures for parent evenings. Thanks for the feedback. 
  • Affordable music lessons. Whilst £268 per year may be in reach if you only have one child…It is not when you have 3. This is not what I consider to be subsidised and it’s a crying shame when Scotland is known for its wonderful choice of both instruments and music… This comment will be passed on to Highland Council to see if there is a way to make this more affordable for families with more than one child. Thank you for this. 
  • Transition and links with High School.
  • More staff! We are looking into increasing our staffing through the Pupil Equity Fund to support our learning developments. Often, this issue is out-with our control. 
  • Less time spent by teachers on doing reports that are hardly looked at. As part of our work on Profiling and Reporting, we will be sharing lots more information on how we share progress information with parents. This should be a holistic approach and involve lots of different methods of communication. Thanks for the feedback. 
  • Some children are not academically minded and just hate school. Would it be possible to teach them other skills that would interest them as a reward for improving their class work? ie working with their hands, cooking or working outdoors, going with the idea that everyone is good at something we could ask the kids what they like doing or would like to become when they leave school and see if it could be used as a ‘carrot’ to improve work/behaviour. Maybe some parents could donate some of their time to teach them other skills once a month as a reward? Great idea! We try to do this through our weekly Citizenship sessions and definitely hope to extend this type of learning further. 
  • Habitual late comers – really annoying for the parents who make the effort to get their children to school on time every day and to the children and teachers who are in and ready to go at 9.00 am. This will be addressed in our termly newsletters next session. We will monitor latecomers more closely and work in partnership with parents to try to eradicate lateness. Thanks for this feedback. 
  • Disruptive kids in class – use things like litter picking or weeding the gardens for bad behaviour – things that the kids don’t like doing to see if it improves behaviour. Expulsion would just be more play time to kids who don’t want to be in school in the first place. As part of our Promoting Positive Behaviour and Partnerships action point for 2017/18, we will be focusing on approaches to eliminate disruptive behaviour in partnership with parents and support agencies. Pupils will be encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour, respecting the rights of others to learn. 
  • When homework is handed out then ALL children should be handing it in. It needs to be made clear to parents that it is not optional. Perhaps again there should be detention if its not done and handed in. It must be really annoying for teachers who spend their time setting out work to be completed and its not done. Its frustrating for the parents whose kids do it. Most parents at times have issues with their kids getting them to do it but what kind of lesson is it teaching the kids if you just give up with it. Partnership working and family learning developments. 
  • Girls getting out of that P4-7 cycle of fall outs/unkindness/tears ( but this could be in every school maybe?). A wee bit more swifter consequences to unkind or disrespectful (to pupil or staff) behaviour. See comment above re- Promoting Positive Behaviour and Partnerships. 

We really do appreciate your comments and take on board your ideas for improvement where possible. A copy of our school improvement report and plan will be made available to parents in Term 1 of session 2017/18, but our identified improvement priorities are:

  1. Emerging and developmental approaches to literacy
  2. Profiling and Reporting
  3. Promoting Positive  Behaviour and Relationships
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