Non-uniform day and movie afternoon


On Friday 23 June, to mark the end of transfer week, we will have a non-uniform day. The cost to participate is £1 and money raised will go into the school fund. I have also arranged a movie afternoon through the Lochaber Cinema Group. They have kindly booked the venue (theatre) for us and will show “The Secret Life of Pets” There is no cost to pupils for this, but they may bring in a small amount of additional money (no more than £1) to purchase popcorn and fizzy orange, which will kindly be made by Lucas and Neil.

As the new Primary 1s will only be in for the morning, I’m afraid that they will miss out on the movie this time, but we will have lots more next session!

Please could parents of our new P2-7 pupils collect them from the venue directly at 2.35pm for P2-3 and 3.05pm for P4-7. Children who normally walk home themselves will do so as normal.

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